How To Clean Smoke Damage

The rapid spread of fire can happen in seconds, and even once it’s extinguished, devastating damage can be left behind. Following these tips on how to clean smoke damage will help you get a start on making your home live-able again after a fire.

Determine Level of Damage
It is important to understand how severe the damage is before you attempt to clean it yourself. Trying to clean serious smoke damage can possibly cause further, more extensive damage. If you are unsure how severe the damage is, be sure to contact a professional.

Stay safe
If you choose to clean on your own, make sure you’ve prepared yourself physically for this type of work. Heavy-duty gloves and plastic glasses are essential. Protective respiratory wear is also strongly recommended, as exposure to soot residue can cause breathing and lung problems.

Turn off your air conditioning system
To prevent soot from rapidly spreading, shut off your air conditioning system. Utilize box fans by facing them towards open windows to direct polluted air outside. Getting rid of contaminated air is an important step for cleaning smoke damage and reinstating a healthy home environment.

Use a soot sponge to remove loose smoke
Dry removal of soot is your best option for safely cleaning walls and furniture. Use a professional dry cleaning sponge, especially on walls with a flat finish paint. You may use water and a mild detergent, but only on durable surfaces that are non-porous, such as glossy paint, fixtures, and sealed wooden surfaces. Clean metal fixtures first, as they may rust quickly from exposure to acidic soot residue. If you choose to use a vacuum make sure it has a HEPA rated filter bag. Always clean high surfaces first and work your way down.

Launder washable materials
Wash all bedding, clothes, curtains, and anything else affected by the smoke damage. Utilizing alkaline agents in this process often neutralizes the acid found in the soot. Make sure to dry clean fine materials.





Hose down exterior surfaces
Cleaning smoke damage needs to be addressed outside your home as well. Soot on your exterior walls commonly clings tighter to surfaces than inside your home. Be sure to use a hose with an attachment that is able to shoot a high-powered water stream. This will help you effectively remove soot and dirt from the walls.

Learning how to clean smoke damage is no easy feat, and it can be hard to know where to begin your road to restoration. Bishop Clean Care can help you through this process by ensuring your home reaches a full recovery. Learn more about Bishop Clean Care fire and smoke damage services and start a plan to repair your home today.


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