Janitorial – Commercial Cleaning Benefits

Janitorial CleaningYour workers might be doing their best to keep their work spaces clean, but your office might be in need of a deeper janitorial cleaning. Not only will a deeper clean attract more business and keep existing customers happy, it will make your office more efficient and keep your workers focused.


Safer Work Environment
Offices are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In a recent study by The University of Arizona, the average toilet seat had 49 germs per square inch while a keyboard had almost 21,000 germs per square inch. Also, dust particles build up over time and can affect air quality. To keep everyone breathing easy, clean your ducts every few years to remove dust and allergens from your office. While you may not see the dust, you may see a decrease in sick days taken over the year.


Less Stress
When business owners delegate cleaning duties to office staff, morale can sink. Office workers do not want to clean the bathroom, empty the trash, dust, etc. Allow your workers to do what they do best and leave cleaning to the professionals.


More Productive Workers
There have been numerous studies on workplace productivity and workplace cleanliness, and they all point towards one thing: a cleaner workplace leads to happier, more productive workers. In a survey by OfficeMax of more than 1,000 U.S. adults, 90% admit that unorganized clutter has a negative impact on their life, with 77% claiming that their productivity is affected the most.


Higher Quality Clean
Though you might think you’re doing an adequate job as the full-time manager and part-time cleaner, there’s no one better at cleaning than the cleaning professionals. Why? Because they not only have more knowledge, but they also have more tools, as well as a better understanding of how things need to be done.