Janitorial Services

At Bishop Clean Care, We Know How to Keep Your Business Clean!

We provide scheduled, professional janitorial services for over 100 buildings in our area. We are trained and experienced in cleaning many types of facilities including medical offices, professional offices, and light industrial settings. We use cleaning solutions that are effective, safe, and eco-friendly. We take extra time to hire quality custodial employees who care about their job performance, and we conduct background checks. on all employees who enter your building. We invest in properly training our employees on cleaning methods and OSHA regulations.

We provide nightly supervision to ensure employees perform to our high standards. We frequently inspect all of our facilities to ensure we are consistently meeting your expectations. We are properly licensed, insured, bonded, and certified. We respond to your questions and concerns promptly.

Specialty Services

  • Complete cleaning solutions for your building including carpet, tile, rug, and upholstery cleaning
  • 24-hour emergency service is available 365 days a year for fire and water damage restoration
  • Floor and fabric consultation can help you make new flooring and furnishing decisions that are economical, sustainable, and maintainable.
  • Facility maintenance consultation can help you plan the cleaning frequency, method, chemical, and steps you’ll need to properly maintain your building if you decide to handle in-house. You may think cleaning is a no brainer but the wrong chemicals on the wrong surfaces can strip off shine, leave residues, fail to disinfect, or create a safety hazard. Additionally, strategically placing floor mats and rugs can drastically reduce soiling and dust in the building. Let us help you get off on the right foot to properly maintain your facility.

We help clean up all of life's little (and BIG) messes.

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We take our clients trust seriously:


At Bishop, we pay attention to the details so you have the best residential cleaning experience possible.

Residential Services


Just like your company, we distinguish our services through quality and professionalism.

Commercial Services


Specialized cleaning requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and experience to get the job done right.

Restoration Services