Your Duct Cleaning Questions Answered

Duct CleaningMany people have questions when it comes to duct cleaning, and even more have never thought about it before. The following list of FAQ’s will shed some light on why it is important to consider duct cleaning for your home or office.


How often should I have my ducts cleaned?  There is no exact formula for determining when to clean your ductwork.  Most homes should be cleaned every 5-7 years.  Households that contain pets, persons with allergies or asthma, or high levels of dust should consider every 3-5 years.  The best way to extend the cleanliness of your ductwork is to change your filter often and according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.


Can you clean any type of duct work?  Yes, we can clean rigid or flex duct.  We clean rigid ductwork more aggressively because it can withstand mechanical agitation.  Flex ductwork requires a more gentle clean because of its flexible construction, and we are limited on the types of brushes and tools we can apply.  Some older homes or commercial structures have concrete in the slab, and we would need to inspect those systems to determine if they can be cleaned.


Do I need an on-site estimate?  Our sales manager will contact you to ask questions about your system to determine if a visit is necessary prior to scheduling the work.  We can usually give a complete estimate over the phone.


Will this service help with allergies?  Allergens are constantly flowing through your duct system and their quantities vary based on the age of your home, number of pets, and number of family members.  Any type of cleaning removes allergens from the indoor environment.  Since duct work is not cleaned as often as the rest of the home, we are very likely to remove a high concentration of dust and allergens from the system, potentially reducing your exposure to allergy inducing contaminants.


What parts of the system do you clean?  We clean all accessible portions of the supply and return lines using a high powered HEPA filtered vacuum and various brush or air attachments.  We clean all supply and return registers by hand with an anti-microbial disinfectant.  We do not clean mechanical components in the unit itself such as the blower or coils, however, we can arrange this service on your behalf.