Duct Cleaning: What You Need to Know

At Bishop Clean Care we pride ourselves in providing you with improved air quality in your home. Our duct cleaning process helps to remove numerous amounts of allergens that may dwelling in your HVAC system.


About Our Process

Our technicians will first examine the duct work. We will then bring in our NIKRO H.E.P.A. filtered vacuum system and attach it to your homes air handler system and close off all vents. Individually, we will remove each vent and sweep each duct line with a rotating brush and high velocity air sweeper. The H.E.P.A. vacuum system will collect contaminates from the duct work using negative air pressure.  The return line and all supply vents will be cleaned individually, and all contaminates we collect will be safely removed from your home.


Preparing for Our Visit

In order to access as many vents and lines as possible, we ask that you clear the floor around all vents and returns.  Our technicians can help move any large furniture if necessary, but we request you remove all breakables from the area first.  A single unit can take around 4 hours to clean, and we will have to shut off power to the unit during our service time.


Limitations to Consider

Our cleaning process does not clean the mechanical components of your system. If this is a concern, we recommend you ask your HVAC maintenance company if they offer a service to clean the blower, components and coils.  This can be done before or after our work, but should be timed close together.

Also, depending on the design of your duct system, we may have trouble accessing all of your lines with our brush head.   However, we generally are able to clean 90-95% of all hard pipe lines in most homes.  Soft pipe lines, or “flex duct”, may not be cleanable.


See Our Results

Click this link to view some before and after pictures of previous work that we have done for other customers.  You can also view our duct cleaning commercial above to see us in action.