Dusty Areas You May Be Overlooking

Dust particles naturally settle on unused surfaces all over our homes. You likely notice the dust accumulating in obvious areas, like on your bookshelves or the tops of your dressers, and you probably dust these off whenever you feel it is necessary. But there are other areas all around your home collecting dust that you aren’t even aware of. These areas can be a bother to clean, so you may want to hire residential cleaning services in Leesburg, GA, to take care of it for you. Here are just a few of these common problem areas:

  • Cabinet tops – If your kitchen cabinets have a gap between their tops and the ceiling, you can bet that there is plenty of dust collecting there.
  • Fan blades – The tops of your fan blades also collect dust easily, even if you use your fans regularly.
  • Vaulted ceilings – If you have any vaulted ceilings in your home, dust can actually stick to and collect on your ceilings and the higher parts of your walls.
  • Storage spaces – Do you have a storage room that you don’t access regularly? You can bet that dust is collecting on everything in this room.
  • Backs of shelves – You may dust off your shelves regularly, but do you remove items and dust all the way back to the walls? If not, dust is collecting on the back edges of your shelves.

If you don’t want to clean all these spaces by yourself, hire residential cleaning services in Leesburg, GA.