Five Things You Should Do If Your Home Floods

It can be difficult and overwhelming to try and clean up after your home is flooded, and there are many important steps that can be easy to forget. Check out these five things you can do if your home floods:


1. Check for Visible Structure Damage
It is possible that the physical structure of your home got damaged from the flooding. Look for any damage, such as warping or a cracked foundation. This is necessary in order to ensure that your house is safe for you to enter.


2. Document the Damage and Contact Your Insurance Company
One of the most important things you should do if your home floods is document the damage. You can do so by taking digital pictures and writing down details about specific items that were damaged. The next step is to contact your insurance company and notify them of the damage.
It’s important to know that you shouldn’t wait for the insurance agent to come out to your home to begin cleanup. That’s what you take pictures. Your job is to protect your home and your belongings to the best of your abilty.


3. Remove Water
Once you have determined your home is safe to enter, it is finally time to start cleaning up the damage. You can find a sump pump to remove the water at most hardware stores for $150 to $500. You can also use a wet vac, which is available for $40 to $130. Open any doors and windows in order to encourage air circulation. Also, turn on ceiling fans to help circulate the air.

Safe guarding your house and your possessions is a top priority. Should the water and cleanup be too much for a DIY job, contact a professional cleaning company as soon as possible. Every second counts when it comes to saving the items in your home from flooding.

Remember to take precautions: The water can be contaminated with chemicals or sewage so you should protect yourself by wearing rubber boots and waterproof gloves.


4. Contact a Professional Cleaning Company
Flooding leaves you at risk for excessive mold and bacteria growth and requires special cleaning procedures you may not be equipped to handle. Call your local professional cleaning company, like Bishop Clean Care, to assist in cleaning your home. Professional cleaning companies are trained to help work with your insurance company and the claim process.

There are many unpleasant results of flooding in your home. Follow these five things you should do if your home floods to get your house back to normal!

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5. Determine if Your Are in a Disaster Area
When a large area is affected by flooding, it is often deemed a disaster area by the government. If your region has been declared a disaster area, you qualify for access to more resources and, in some cases, financial assistance. Your insurance company should have information regarding your region’s status. You can also contact FEMA directly for information.