Five Tips For Dealing With Water Damage

Water is powerful and can be harmful when it ends up in unwanted places such as our homes. There are necessary actions that need to be taken to recover what has been damaged and to prevent further damage in the future. Here are five tips for dealing with water damage.

1. Stop the flow of water immediately.

Locate the source of water leakage and attempt to stop the flow coming into your home. If the damage has been caused by a burst pipe or heater failure, the main water line needs to be shut off. If you have trouble locating the source, contact an expert.
2. Take photos of the damage as you found it.
Taking pictures of the water damage will be beneficial not only when professional help arrives, but also when filing your insurance claim. When dealing with water damage, having a visual of the initial damage that occurred in your home will be easier than explaining it.

3. Turn off all power.

It’s a well-known fact that electricity and water are not a good combination. Turn off electricity and gas from their main sources. Do not take on this job without being properly insulated yourself. If you need to stand in the water to turn off the electricity, refrain and contact an electrician. Doing this is not as important for small leaks, but when you encounter the unfortunate event of a larger in-home flood, it’s best to take all precautions when dealing with water damage.
4. Clean up quickly.
Once you’ve taken the above steps, do not let the water stand. The more time water has to set into walls, carpet, furniture, etc., the more damage it can cause. Dry out any affected areas by first mopping, then utilizing a fan, dehumidifier, or open windows to allow for air circulation. The quicker you dry the water, the less chance you leave for mold growth.

You don’t want water damage to leave long-term effects on your home. It takes a very minimal amount of water for mold to accumulate and become harmful. Disinfecting after the water is cleared is essential to avoid any mold and mildew buildup from the water. Steam clean any carpet and flooring, sanitize walls and baseboards, and check your furniture.

There’s only so much you can do when water damage strikes, and it can be scary to handle alone. That’s why experts are eager to assist you when dealing with water damage. Bishop Clean Care will not only help you recover, but also work to prevent water damage from happening again. Learn more about Bishop Clean Care water damage services and start a plan to repair your home today.

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