Holiday Stains

Keep Calm and Call Bishop

WineIf you’re inviting friends and family into your home this season, chances are your carpet will be left with some memories of their visit. Don’t panic! If you treat the stain appropriately (and please, don’t look on the internet!), chances are we can help erase the bad memory of red wine on your beige carpet.

“You only need one ingredient for treating spills in your home this Christmas…water.”

Spots vs Stains

A spot is easy to clean; a stain may not be. That’s because a spot is generally just a substance that is stuck to the surface of the carpet, such as chocolate or other food. Sometimes spots leave behind stains. A stain is a discoloration of the carpet fiber caused by color being added to the fiber. When color is added, it can generally be removed safely, but only by a trained professional.

Home Treatment

You only need one ingredient for treating spills in your home: water. For spots, apply a little bit of water to soften up the substance, and gently scrape away with a spoon. Remove as much excess as possible without over-wetting. Too much water can create a stain. Spills caused by wine or other liquids almost always affect the entire carpet construction, including fibers and backing, and can create stains. If you have a stain, add an amount of water equal to the amount of product spilled to dilute the color. Immediately blot up the excess with a large, dry towel, soaking up as much as possible. Next, add half the amount of water previously used, and immediately blot again. Finally, add another half measurement of water, blot it away and add a new dry towel to the area covered by a waterproof weight. Leave in place for 12 hours to soak up all the excess. If you still have a colored stain, call Bishop to schedule a service appointment.

Professional Treatment

Most carpet is very stain resistant, especially if it’s less than 10 years old and has been cared for properly. We have a variety of stain removal products that are safe for your carpet and rugs. Don’t let stains dwell, as repeated foot traffic and exposure to light can set the color in, making it more difficult to remove.

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