Carpet Cleaning

  • We use truck mounted cleaning units that are the most powerful on the market and ensure maximum soil removal and fast drying
  • We use specially formulated cleaning solution that removes soil, prevents rapid re-soiling, and is safe for your family
  • We use filtered, softened water to clean your carpet, which is scientifically more effective at removing soil than regular tap water
  • We thoroughly rinse out our cleaning solution using hot water extraction so your carpet can get the best cleaning—residue free!
  • We vacuum before cleaning and groom after cleaning leaving your carpet looking like new
  • When you see our technicians wearing shoe covers, protecting your furniture with plastic tabs, and using clean equipment, you’ll know we are cleaning professionals who cares about the details of our work

Special Services

  • Scotchgard™ application to help protect against future staining and soiling
  • Specialty treatments for tough stains like wax, nail polish, and wine
  • Advanced methods for antiques and high-value or rare furnishings
  • Pet treatment options for odor and stain removal
  • Deodorizer packages to leave your home smelling fresh and clean
Carpet Cleaning