DryMAX Rug Cleaner

We know how to clean your rugs!

Whether it’s your playroom rug or fine oriental rug, our state-of-the-art equipment combined with our technicians’ training and experience will remove the toughest soil and containments from your rugs while preserving their color and texture. Each step in the process ensures the rugs are cleaned, spun, and dried to perfection.

All rug cleaning begins with a consultation in order to provide you cleaning options with the best results. Rugs are dusted and vacuumed thoroughly to remove dry, embedded soil. Our custom-built rug bath completely submerges your rug in gentle detergents for the most through cleaning.

Our DryMAX Rug Cleaner flushes all contaminants from the rug and spins out 95% of the water. Your rug is then safely hung in a climate controlled room for rapid drying, virtually eliminating issues that can arise during prolonged drying periods. With the DryMAX Rug Cleaner our turnaround time is cut in half, and some rugs can even be processed in 24 hours

Specialty Services

  • Scotchgard™ application to protect against future staining and soiling
  • Custom sized rug pads that prevent slippage and also guard against wear and tear
  • Tough stain removal on delicate rug fibers
  • Deodorizer application to leave your furnishing smelling fresh and clean
  • Pick up and delivery
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