Water Damage

Water intrusion, even in small amounts, can rapidly cause permanent damage in your home or office if not quickly addressed. Bishop Clean Care is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to your needs. We have the skills and experience to identify and dry any area of your home affected by water damage. We can also help you through the unfamiliar process of working with your insurance carrier to restore your property.

If you have flood or water damage near Albany, GA, we can help!

When you find water damage:
  1. Turn off the source of the water flow as soon as possible
  2. Call our emergency line first at 229.883.1202. While we are preparing to respond, you can alert your insurance carrier that you have a claim and a professional is on the way
  3. If carpet is affected, put plastic bags or squares of aluminum foil under the legs of furniture to prevent permanent staining
  4. Begin taking pictures of the property exactly as you found it. We will do the same when we arrive
  5. Do not throw away anything yet, and save any plumbing parts that may have been responsible for the water leak
water damage
water damage