Make Your Grout Great Again

When you buy a new home or when you are looking at tile in your existing home, you might think it’s time to get rid of everything from the tub to the floor because of dirty grout. Before you go through the hassle of a major renovation, consider these tips for your tile and grout.


First try to scrub the surface with a neutral tile and grout cleaner. Neutral cleaners do not have acidic solutions which breakdown sealers like bleach or vinegar. These cleaners are available at most hardware stores. You can even use a toothbrush to clean the grout more efficiently. If your tile is still looking dingy, try a professional cleaning. At Bishop, we have special methods and cleaners that can make your tile and grout look great again.


After your tile is clean, whether with a neutral cleaner or a professional cleaning, protect your investment with a grout sealer. Sealers can be found at the hardware store or can be professionally applied by Bishop Clean Care. Most sealers dry within 30 minutes and cure completely within 24 hours.


If you are in need of a professional cleaning, schedule one at your convenience through our online scheduler or give us a call today.

When to Clean and When to Replace Your Carpet

Winter Home Hazards

We live in a climate that does not receifro-pipe-leakve extreme winter temperatures often, but we can be even more susceptible to home damage when they occur if we are not prepared. One of the most forgotten winter hazards are busted water pipes, often due to the old “out of sight, out of mind” problem. The water inside pipes can freeze when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. As freezing water expands, it causes the pressure inside the pipes to increase, possibly leading to bursting pipes. A few ways to avoid busted pipes are to open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Also, insulate pipes, especially those close to outside walls, attics or crawl spaces where the chance of freezing is greatest. Lastly, leave your faucets dripping during the night, when temperatures drop, to keep the water flowing through them instead of building up. Another good tip is to identify the locations of shutoff valves so that you are prepared to stop the flow of water as soon as possible if a pipe bursts. And in that event, you should do the following:


  • Shut off the water immediately to prevent additional damage.
  • Take proper precautions to avoid an electrical shock from being in or near standing water.
  • Bishop Clean Care should be your FIRST call. Every second counts when it comes to removing the water from your home and saving your belongings. We are a certified water mitigation specialist and can work with you and your insurance company through the process of your claim. The most important thing is to make the call to get the water out first.
  • Take an inventory of any damaged property or possessions.

Bishop can help if you ever find yourself in this situation. We can get your home back to normal again. Call us at (229) 883-1202 if you ever need us.

Have a Flu-Free Holiday Season

493x335_generic_cold_and_flu_1_otherFlu season is upon us all. Although we might not know anyone who has contracted the flu yet, we know it is just a matter of time before it could possibly be knocking on the door of our home or office. Taking steps to sanitize your home and keep yourself healthy can make you feel a little better about your preparedness for this vicious virus. WebMD lays out several ways to keep yourself flu free this season.


First things first, get your flu shot. This is the best way to prevent the flu for you and your family. Make sure EVERYONE gets one. And keep in mind it takes two weeks for your body to build up antibodies towards the flu after your vaccine. The earlier you get the vaccine the better your chances are for not contracting the virus.


Next, cleaning. Flu experts agree, although this virus can cause extreme havoc, the actual virus cannot survive for long outside of the body. 24 hours is the max most studies agree on and a few minutes is the minimum. That being said, hard surfaces can sustain the virus the longest amounts of time, so focus your cleaning there. Disinfect things like toys, doorknobs, counter tops, handles, faucets, keyboards, remote controls and buttons with a disinfectant spray or wipe that kills bacteria AND viruses.


Finally, wash your hands often to keep viruses from entering your body. Wash your hands before you eat and after shaking hands or using the restroom. Any soap will do, the most important thing about washing is the duration and scrubbing to dislodge any germs from your hands and send them down the drain.


We hope you, your family and your office have a flu free holiday season!