What To Do After A Fire


Your worst fear just became a reality, as you’ve experienced a house fire. Your home is damaged, your mind is flooded with questions, and it can be hard to know where to begin. The answers to these common questions about fire restoration will help you start to restore your home.

A fire was just put out in my house. What should I do now?
First, if you haven’t already, you should call your insurance company and follow their directions. They will have you take pictures and extensively detail any home damage. Next, you should come up with a plan to clean your home. This is a process that can be hard to do correctly, and so it is important to seek out the proper help. Consult a professional cleaning company who specializes in fire and smoke damage clean-up.

How long will it take to clean everything up?
When determining what to do after a house fire, it can be easy to try to rush things, but it is important to be patient. The cleaning process depends on each individual situation and varies based on the extent of the damage, how much of the house was affected, and the size of the fire. It can take anywhere from a few days for a small fire to a few weeks for a large fire with extensive damage.

Can we clean the fire and smoke damage ourselves?
Although it is possible to clean up the damage on your own, there are very strict standards that must be followed when cleaning fire damage. These standards are set by the IICRC, and cleaning up the damage on your own means that you are assuming all liability for any future hazards and problems that may occur as a result of improper restoration.

Another challenge is that most fires involve different types of residues that are burned, and each residue requires a different and very specific clean-up process. Additionally, smoke particles are extremely small, which makes it difficult to completely clean them up. Without the proper tools or knowledge, it can be almost impossible to rid your house of the smell of smoke.

Should we throw out all of our food?
In most cases, you should wait until your insurance agent inspects the items before throwing them out. The agent usually deems food products damaged and unsafe due to the fact that fires cause the food containers to expand and contract, which allows smoke to get into the containers. If for some reason you cannot wait for your insurance agent to inspect them, you should take a video or photos of the items before throwing them away.

Can I stay at my property while the restoration process is occurring?
This will depend on how much damage there is, how severe the damage is, and your own preferences. Some things to consider while making this decision are whether or not your insurance policy will cover off-site housing, where the damage occurred, and how it will affect living conditions in that area.

What is the best way to secure my property after fire damage?
It is often best to hire a professional company who specializes in boarding up properties. Securing your house improperly after a house fire leaves your home vulnerable. In addition, if an intruder were to get injured while on your property, you could be held liable for their injuries.

What items should I keep in my possession?
It’s wise to keep important and expensive items with you after a house fire. This consists of anything that you consider to be of high value, and includes things like cash, medications, jewelry, checkbooks, pets, personal documents, and valuable artwork.

How can we estimate the costs of the damage for insurance purposes?
Many people request the help of a trusted home improvement company or restoration company in order to estimate the damage. However, this can cause many complications with your insurance company. If damages are being paid for by your insurance company, it is necessary to contact your agent and use a specialized software to estimate damage costs as accurately as possible.

Having an idea of what to do after a house fire will help you plan your cleanup and renovation process. Learn more about how Bishop Clean Care can help you begin the fire restoration process.


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